Charity pitches

At Lazybones Bootsale we are pleased to offer discounted or sometimes 'free' pitches on a Saturday for anyone raising money for a registered charity. Conditions apply so please speak with a member of gate staff to see if you are eligiable and to register. Stall holders raising money for a charity will need to bring an original dated letter (not a photocopy) which states the full name, address and Registered Charity number for the Charity they are raising funds for which gives permission for you to represent the charity and collect funds for them.

These pitches are only available on a Saturday. You will be given a card that you can use 6 times and is not transferable. Only one pitch is permitted per charity.

Please note: It is important that all charity pitches display notices on the stall advertising that the money you raise will be donated to the named charity. You may put out collection buckets but are not permitted to walk around collecting money.

It is always nice to hear how you got along and how much money you raised at Lazybones Bootsale. Please feel free to contact us by phone or in writing and tell us how well you did!.

Check out our Latest News page to see how we raise money and support charities.