Laurence van Lent

Professor of Accounting and Economics

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Adickesallee 32-34

60322 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 69 154008531


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Research interests: political economy of finance and accounting; organizational economics, incentives and performance measures; politics


  • (15 March 2022) Received 2021 Excellence in Refereeing Award from the Journal of Accounting Research

  • (1 May 2021) Received 2020 Excellence in Refereeing Award from the Journal of Accounting Research

  • (25 March 2021) Altruism, social norms and incentive contract design, with Margaret Abernethy, Jan Bouwens, and Christian Hofmann has been accepted for publication in Review of Accounting Studies.

  • (15 April 2020) Institute for New Economic Thinking awards grant to project Insider trading and firm-level exposure to Covid-19.

  • (1 April 2020) New working-paper and data on firm-level exposure to epidemic diseases, including Covid-19. See:

  • (13 December 2019) The New York Times covers The Global Impact of Brexit Uncertainty in an article about the changing international trade order.

  • (15 October 2019) Global Brexit Risk paper discussed in Harvard Business Review and Wall Street Journal reports our findings on Trade Policy-related firm-level political risk.

  • (25 July 2019) We have launched a new website with firm-level political risk data of publicly listed US firms, based on our QJE paper. The data will be updated on a quarterly basis. Data is publicly available after email registration: Firm-level risk website.

  • (11 July 2019) New working-paper available: Religion and ownership, with Christian Hofmann and Nina Schwaiger. [ssrn]

  • (5 July 2019) Firm-level political risk: measurement and effects, with Tarek Hassan, Stephan Hollander, and Ahmed Tahoun has been accepted for publication in The Quarterly Journal of Economics. [qje]

  • (25 May 2019) German Science Foundation awards a research grant of 12 million to Accounting for Transparency which includes 500.000 euros for a project on "soft information, gossip and fake news" by Laurence van Lent

  • (15 May 2019) New working-paper available: Firm-level political risk and credit markets, with Mahmoud Gad, Valeri Nikolaev, and Ahmed Tahoun [ssrn]

  • (5 March 2019) NBC News cites "The personal wealth interests of politicians and government intervention in the economy", coauthored with Ahmed Tahoun and published in Review of Finance [link] [NBC news article]

  • (1 January 2019) Laurence van Lent has been appointed Associate Editor of Journal of Accounting Research [link]

  • (15 July 2018) "Expertise and discretionary bonus decisions" (with Margaret Abernethy and Chung-Yu Hung) has been accepted for publication in Management Science

  • (11 May 2018) Laurence van Lent receives 2018 Referee of the Year Award from the editors of Journal of Accounting Research [link]