Laurel Oaks Neighborhood Association

July 21, 2021
Stone work on fence side complete. We decided to match the stone on the sign side as it was only a little over budget. But it is worth it to have a cohesive front entrance. Work will continue tomorrow (Thursday). Please consider donating if you haven't - we are about $400 away from goal.

July 19, 2021

Plans have been drawn up to beautify the "fence" side of our main entrance at Oak Knoll and Jollyville Rd. and have been approved by about 15 LONA residents and asking for donations of $3000. LONA is a 100% volunteer organization with no regulatory authority and we do not collect dues.

  • Add landscape feature - something similar to the 4th photo on the GoFundMe page.

  • Repair the fence

The estimate for the materials comes to about $2500 and we would like to raise an extra $500 for ongoing maintenance and any unforeseen costs. We plan to start work very soon. Please consider donating to the effort! We would like to start the work soon!

For the full story, photos and more, visit our GoFundMe page and donate today!

Best way to stay in touch is to sign up for our Google Group emails - see signup details below. We also post to our Facebook page and Next Door.

The name "Laurel Oaks" was derived by combining portions of the names of the 2 elementary schools serving our neighborhood, namely Laurel Mountain and North Oaks (as Caraway Elementary was named at the time of LONA's founding). View LONA's listing in the City of Austin's directory of neighborhood associations.

The Laurel Oaks Neighborhood Association is one of a number of smaller neighborhood associations that grew out of the predecessor North Oaks Neighborhood Association (NONA). We are a 100% volunteer organization. As an informal association, we have no regulatory authority and collect no dues.

The LONA area is bounded by Jollyville Road, Oak Knoll Drive, Lost Horizon Drive, Rain Creek Parkway, Fireoak Drive, Texas Plume Road, and Spicewood Springs Road.

LONA encompasses all or part of the following subdivisions: Balcones Oaks, Barrington Oaks, High Sierra Oaks, Oak Forest, Oak Knoll Estates, Shadow Oaks, Westhill Estates, Windridge

If you live within (or near) the shaded map, we are happy to consider you to be a member of the Laurel Oaks Neighborhood Association.

LONA Google Group Emails

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2020 Upcoming Events

25th Annual Egg Hunt - April 5, 2020, 3pm CANCELED

Caraway Elementary School Grounds

More info coming soon.

The Board

President - Vacant

VP - Robyn Honig

Secretary - Claire Jones

Treasurer - Sarah White

Newsletter Editor - Vacant

Email the board at

Read LONA's accomplishments from 1996 to present.


The LONA bylaws are located here.

Call for Volunteers to Maintain our Entrance Sign!​

Are you a landscaper in the area and want to give back to the community? We're looking for a landscaper to help clean up and maintain our entrance sign. Contact us at