2019: FIRST Destination: Deep Space

Above is the field for this year's game, and everything below this until the archives will be update logs of how we are managing the challenge along with a few photos to show whats going on in our RDC lab. Please look forward to updates everyday. We are working starting from 1/7 till 2/19. After which we will post our results from competitions!

2/19: We've bagged and tagged our bot at around 11;20PM EST. After our 6 weeks of hard work we are extremely satisfied with the result! Please look foward to results from competitions coming up soon, starting with Gainsville and Dalton!

2/18: As the end of build season approaches, we are hard at work doing the final tune ups and finishing our elevator system and fixing any electrical errors we had. Very soon, we will unveil our bot and have our drive team up for the task.

2/16: We've finished attaching the elevator chains and resolved a critical electrical issue. Our bot should be fully operational very very soon!

2/14: We have fully integrated the pneumatics system along with completing the electrical system. We will be attending the DE Scrimmage at East Cobb middle School by Team 2974 Walton Robotics. We hope to test our robots abilities in the game.

2/12: We've fixed the motors after a malfunction, and we've finally attached the bumpers to the bot and have almost finished all of the field elements of this years game! Completion is within reach!

2/6: Today, we've started implementing the parts for the elevator system and are in progress of implanting electrical systems.

2/5: The frame of the robot is completed. The electrical system is being implemented and the coding for the elevator system is going smoothly. Completion is not far off anymore.

1/31: The rocket is now being attached with reflective tape, We attached the gearbox to our robot along with completing the inside frame of the elevator mechanism. We also have our new computer station setup underway the drivers and respective programs are being installed currently.

1/30: We began integrating the Intel RealSense D435 depth camera into the robot's vision tracking system. We've started fitting pneumatics onto the robot and we've almost recreated the rocket field element and hope to complete it tomorrow.

1/24: The 1st two hatches of the rocket are complete and the 3rd and top hatches are in progress. We are also working out a design flaw in our robot that has been fixed today.

1/23: Electrical work is progressing smoothly and the level 1 platform is completed!

1/22: We started electrical work and we've started making the level 1 platform.

1/21: Happy Martin Luther King Day! We are now using our finished base to put the new wheels on and are starting to modify the arm design after much debate. The camera software has been installed and we have started the rocket field element recreation and it's going smoothly.

1/19: Today, we got the base finished! We also have the arm prototypes made, which has brought up some possible flaws.


Everything after this point was before the website came under new management, and was recreated almost from the ground up. The following were salvaged from our old site.

2018: FIRST Powerup

Here's our pictures of our robot who sadly didn't see the light of day after Dalton qualifier. This year was rough for our team.

2017:FIRST Steamworks

Steamworks didn't end as well as we'd hoped. We did make it to the state competition at the University of Georgia, but sadly didn't make it past qualifiers. We still gave it our all and that day just wasn't our day.

2016:FIRST Stronghold

Throughout the year, being part of the robotics team has allowed us to learn some important lessons, such as how to work as a team and manage time.

Effective communication and teamwork allowed us to learn how to come up with a strategy for the task that we were going to complete: defeating our opponents by propelling foam "boulders" into their castle. The following picture is this year's game:

Our team created a strategy in order

Last year our competition consisted of stacking heavy boxes and garbage cans. We thought about the ways most teams would be trying to score points and how we could organize a different strategy, namely, by building a sturdier robot capable of picking up more crates than any of our other competitors.

We learned time management by organizing the schedule and, as a team, by adhering strictly to that schedule in order to get the robot finished. Staying on track is important in such a venture, as even the slightest delay can create the biggest problems for time management, budget regulation, and construction.

As a part of staying on track, to get the robot finished, planning ahead was important. We needed to plan ahead to know what type of robot we were going to be building and what we were going to accomplish within a given time period. Planning does not only apply just to robotics team. It also applies to the outside world, in places like school and is a necessity when one takes a job, whether it be accounting or engineering. Through the F.R.C team, we all learned how to become effective planners

All of these lessons helped us to become an effective team, which helped us along the way into the tournament. Without these lessons, and without each other's support, it would have been even harder for us to have been chosen to be on an alliance team and earn second place in our event.

2015: FIRST Recycle Rush: Our rookie year for our team!

Our rookie year went better than we expected! We were able to make it all the way to state and earn a finalist banner at the Peachtree Regional event!