Lassiter Robotics F.I.R.S.T Team #5608 is an FRC Team in Marietta, GA. We are a veteran team in which our inaugural team consisted of 15 high school students in 2015. This year we have 28 student members and the support of 4 adult mentors which come from within the school as well as the community and our sponsor.

Our mission is to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and we accomplish this in two ways: by building a robot that will compete in a game with other robots, and by sharing our enthusiasm for STEM with our fellow students and community.

For the robotics portion of our mission, given a six-week build time, students receive guidance from mentors, analyze the game’s aspects, and design, build, and program a robot which conforms to the specifications required by F.I.R.S.T to play the game. Following our six-week build season, we compete with our robot at a regional event. Depending on our level of success, we may be invited to compete at our State Competition and the World Championship event.

We reach out to the community and share our excitement about STEM with elementary and middle school students, and participate in community. We mentor our feeder school's, Mabry Middle School and Simpson Middle School, robotics teams. In order to inspire our team members, we also reach out to organizations already involved with STEM careers which can provide a first-hand glimpse into potential career opportunities for STEM-minded students.

Although we are a robotics team, one of the values consistently stressed to students and the community is that "it's not just about the ‘bot.” We have members and mentors on the team who support the outreach, business, and marketing portions of our team, which provides numerous opportunities for students to learn the more businesslike aspects of the team. Our robotics team has core values that directly correspond wit the principles of STEM. We strive to bring these values to our community by being a good example of a strong, confident FIRST robotics team.

We are actively planning our overall operating strategy. We foresee it being run like a small business a business that obtains capital to create and produce a product, market it, get people excited about it and want to support it and the culture that surrounds it. We train our members for success, not only in the business and engineering aspects of the team, but by teaching life-skills that they will be able to take with them to college and beyond.