Preparing the next generation.

Passing on the traditions and values to the next generation .......

Locally sourced, Responsibly raised

Larkinsburg Livestock is a family owned and operated livestock, grain and vegetable farm. We provide fresh, locally sourced, responsibly raised meat, vegetables, and specialty items to the local and regional community.

Larkinsburg Livestock & Farms believes:

  • EVERYONE should know where their food comes from.

  • Fresh, local, responsibly raised food is the healthiest and most flavorful way to feed yourself and your family.

  • Agriculture should be sustainable, healthy, helpful, and natural.

  • Animal husbandry best practices are paramount to livestock production (this means our animals are happy which equals healthy).

  • Giving back to the community through 4-H, FFA, and other related groups is a critical part of the future of agriculture.

Flavorful, quality meat

The proof is in the taste. Properly prepared, our meat will exceed your expectations. And we are here to help with advise on storing, seasoning and cooking.

Pride in our products

Our animals receive the feed, care and attention required to produce a product we can be proud proud, it "shows".


Larkinsburg Livestock & Farms is a diversified operation. Each operation symbiotically benefits from the other operations.

Our roots run deep

The Peyton family has farmed in this area since the 1850's. We are the 4th and 5th generation to farm in Larkinsburg Township. We take pride in our land as it is our future. We hope to see it passed on to generations to come. Stewardship of the land is important to the sustainability of the farm. It provides you with the confidence that we raise our products with the future in mind.

Conservation minded

Larkinsburg Livestock & Farms is conservation minded. We enjoy the outdoors and want our natural resources available to be enjoyed for generations to come. Wildlife conservation and habitat preservation is considered in every decision made on the farm. Land has been set aside for wildlife habitat and its working....the proof is in the pictures!

Family Fun

Through all the hard work, we like to enjoy our rural life. Family, friends, food and fun are still the reason we do what we do. It is important to relax, recharge and enjoy all we have worked for. Swim untill the storm comes and take a moment and enjoy all your blessings!