Beef Production


Breeding Stock

Larkinsburg Livestock is building a herd of registered hereford cattle. We are breeding our cattle for "ranch ready" traits. We want our cattle to be sound, long lasting, efficient and easy calving.


We don't work alone.....

Larkinsburg Livestock is proud to partner with others in the community to help you find EXACTLY what you are looking for. Our genetic partners like Hartwig Herefords, Pierson Herefords, Rueskin Ranch and the "9-13" provide you with diverse traits and EPDs to select the right sire or dam for your program.

Hartwig Hereford History runs deep in Lincoln, IL. Over 3 generations have cultivated the ground around the current Hartwig Hacienda; corn, soybeans, and Hereford Cattle are a Family Tradition. Calving Ease and Low Maintenance Longevity are several of the Goals of the ALH Prefix. We demand that our girls get the job done and have built our cowherd around the solid base of our very own Dams of Distinction honored by the AHA year after year.

The Finished Product

Farm to Table

"Close your eyes and open your mouth..." If you grew up with siblings, you might have fallen for this in the past. But you wouldn't now would you? So why do we do it with our groceries? Where did it come from, how was it cared for, how fresh is it, how was it processed.....these are questions the modern consumer is asking. We can answer all of these questions and more!

BQA Certified Producer

Larkinsburg Livestock and Farms is a certified QBA cow/calf producer. You can rest assured we are producing and protecting our cattle with the industry best practices. For more information visit the Quality Beef Assurance