Funeral Honors

The Louisiana Nurse Honor Guard pays tribute to nurses by performing the Nightingale Tribute at the funeral or memorial service. This free service is similar to a military tribute and officially releases the nurse from his/her earthly nursing duties. A group of volunteer nurses arrive in the traditional white uniform, complete with cap and cape. The Ceremony lasts approximately five minutes. It consists of reciting the Nightingale Tribute and laying a single white rose on the casket or next to the urn. A Nightingale Lamp is lit in the nurse's honor, and is presented to the family after the Nurse's Prayer and Release from Duty.

Living Tribute

The Louisiana Nurse Honor Guard pays tribute to nurses near the end of life by performing the Living Tribute. This free service is an opportunity to thank the nurse for their dedication to the profession and to recognize their lifelong service. The ceremony lasts approximately five minutes and the nurse is presented with a white rose, a ceramic lamp, and a blanket. 

To request a service, please contact the chapter nearest you.

All services are provided free of charge. If you would like to donate your time or treasure, see the Chapter information.