Lanj Associates, LLC. aims to assist the Employer in selecting the appropriate plan design to meet their individualized needs and goals. This may encompass the maximization of benefits and associated costs for key employees as well as support staff based upon client demographics, financial objectives, and tax deduction strategies.

Types of Retirement Plans

401(k) Plan

This plan encourages the employees to defer some portion of their income on a tax deferred basis and allows the employer to make a matching contribution, if desired. Although this plan can be a low cost program for the employer, it may require employer contributions to encourage employee participation.

Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan

This plan encourages employees to defer some portion of their income on a tax deferred basis and requires the employer to make a Safe Harbor Matching or Non-Elective Contribution. In exchange, this Plan allows the Employer to contribute the maximum 401(k) contribution without regard to satisfying the discrimination testing.

Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wage Plan

This plan is geared towards non-union companies required to pay a prevailing wage for employees working on government projects. It calculates a basic hourly wage and fringe benefit to provide a total prevailing wage to a Defined Contribution Retirement Plan while allowing Employee Salary Deferrals.

403(b) Plan

This plan, also known as a tax-sheltered annuity plan, is a retirement plan for employees of public schools or certain Code Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations rather than public sector employees. A 403(b) Plan sllows employees to make Salary Deferrals as well as Employers to make Matching Contributions, if desired.

Profit Sharing Plan

This is the most flexible of plans because the employer chooses a level of contribution each year. Contributions are limited to 25% of eligible payroll. New IRS regulations and innovations, such as “super integrated” plans and “new comparability” plans, have increased the flexibility and the interest in profit sharing plans.

New Comparability &

Age-Weighted Plans

These plans give the traditionally accepted forms of Profit Sharing Plans a wider base for contributions for the senior members of a company, while affording equitable funding for the employers and younger staff members.

Money Purchase Plan

This type of plan mandates a defined contribution or commitment from the employer. However, it differs from a Defined Benefit plan because all contributions are a percentage of salary. Contributions are limited to 25% of eligible payroll.

Administrative Services

Plan Documents & Implementation

Lanj Associates, LLC. takes great care to produce the necessary documents that assist the employer in establishing a retirement program with limited employer/sponsor effort. Qualified plans must follow IRS and DOL requirements by registering the approved Prototype Document with the IRS and electonically transmitting annual government disclosures.


This service will vary according to plan and employer needs; however, in all cases, the employer is assured that the process of administering a plan is as efficient as possible. Services are provided on a timely basis with personal attention and great care for detail.

Employee Communication

Employee Statements outlining an employee's current status in the Plan; Summary Plan Description; Summary Annual Report; Employee Meetings; and Employee Loans and Hardship Withdrawals packages.

Government Reporting

Annual 5500 Series and related Schedules; Summary Plan Description; Initial Qualification Requests; Application for Employer Identification Number; and Plan Termination Reports; Preparation of Form 1099/1096 and Form 945, when applicable.

Calculations & Reports

Calculation of Eligibility; Retirement; Vesting; Benefit Levels;Employer and Employee Deposits; Employee Account Values; Benefit Accruals; Allocation of Earnings, Forfeitures and Deposits to Participant Accounts; Testing for Maximum and Minimum Contribution Levels; 401(k) Nondiscrimination Testing; Plan Termination and Participant Termination Distributions; and Minimum Required Distributions (Age 70 1/2).

Special Services

  • Plan Administration, Discrimination Testing, and Government Disclosure

  • Calculations and Analysis of Employer Contributions

  • Benefit Analysis and Employee Reports

  • Pension Plan Fund Asset Reconciliations

  • Forfeiture Accounting

  • Comprehensive Employee Benefit Statements reflecting quarterly or annual account activity

  • Loan, Hardship, and Distribution Processing

  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order Calculations and Benefits Review

  • Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Calculations

  • 1099R and Form 945 Preparation and Submission

  • Transmission of Contributions and Tax Payments

  • Consulting Services

  • Expert Witness Testimony