The Probus Concept

The Probus Concept


Probus is a worldwide organisation, first established in the UK in 1966 to allow active retired people with a business and professional background to continue to meet together for fellowship. Many Probus Clubs were founded by former members of a Rotary Club.

Probus clubs have no central governing body, and all clubs are entirely independent and free to organise their own activities when and as they wish.

Probus clubs are non-sectarian and non-political. Clubs are formed to provide a schedule of speakers and social events to keep members up to date with community issues and happenings. Members may form smaller interest groups for hobbies, sport, entertainment, travel, computers etc.


Members were originally drawn from business and the professions. Today this can loosely refer to anyone who is retired or semi-retired and wishes to retain an active social life, to keep up to date and who seek friendship among others of a similar disposition within their community. Though Langel Probus is for men only, other Clubs have women members and some are exclusively for women.

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