" La Causerie Francaise is a cultural organization that offer language classes for adult learners. We offer classes in French, Spanish, and Italian as well as cultural programs presented in these three languages. Our classes are taught by professional instructors including those who are native speakers. Beginning, intermediate, advanced, and conversational classes are available. Classes are scheduled for Friday mornings and run for 32 weeks, from September to May. They take place in the Second Presbyterian Church at 318 East 55th Street, Kansas City, MO 64113.

This year classes (2019-20) begin Friday, September 6, 2019. The annual cost is $310 for the first class, and $110 for a second class. A summary of all is classes offered this year is found here. For a description of French, Spanish, or Italian classes, click on these three links. To register, click here.

For inquiries, contact us at lacauseriefrancaise@gmail.com or 816-301-4110

August 2019 Newsletters

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