La Borgata 

Italian Deli 

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Sottomarino sandwich
Prosciutto Cotto sandwich with provolone and tomatoes
Small Antipasto Tray
Pastry and cookie boxes

Situated conveniently off of Interstate 80, between Sacramento and San Francisco, located in historic downtown Vacaville, you will find a wonderful family-owned italian deli named "La Borgata" (which means "a township" in Italian).  

After publishing her own cookbook, "La Bella Molisana", in which Marianna shares some of her family's traditional Italian recipes, she set her heart on opening her very own deli.  In 2010 that dream became a reality.  Owned and operated by her family and self, La Borgata serves delicious sandwiches and salads for everyone to enjoy (see menu).  The family did also own a private winery and distillery which shared its name "La Borgata" with Marianna's deli.  Unfortunately the family lost both the winery and distillery due to the LNU fire.

The entire family invites you to come inside and enjoy a cappuccino with a dessert, grab a hand-made fresh sandwich, or purchase freshly sliced, high-quality meats. Some are local and some imported, including prosciutto crudo, prosciutto cotto, mortadella, salami and a variety of other choices.

Buon Appetito


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