Job Market Paper

“Medicaid and the Supply of Entrepreneurs: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act," Presented at ASHEcon 2018 and APPAM Regional Student Conference 2018.

I examine whether the expansion of Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act increases the supply of entrepreneurs as measured by self-employment in low income households. With the Current Population Survey from 2010 to 2016, I apply a difference-in-differences, propensity score weighted difference-in-differences, and synthetic control group methods. I find that the Medicaid expansions increase the rate of unincorporated self-employment rate by 10 to 15 percent among low income adults. These effects are mainly driven by childless adults for whom the unincorporated self-employment rate increases 16 to 24 percent. Exploiting additional variation by spousal coverage, spouse health condition, and family size, I also find some evidence that the expansions reduces entrepreneurship lock for married peopled. These findings suggest that the Medicaid expansion support entrepreneurship among low income individuals.

Research Papers

Published Papers:

Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Innovation in the U.S. High-tech Sector” (with J. David Brown, John S. Earle, and Mee Jung Kim), in The Role of Immigrants and Foreign Students in Science, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. University of Chicago Press, (Forthcoming).

Working Papers:

"High-Growth Entrepreneurship" (with J. David Brown, John S. Earle, and Mee Jung Kim), IZA Discussion Paper No. 11662, 2018, Presented at CAED 2017 and ASSA 2018.

“The Impact of Employer Insurance Mandates on Employment by Small Business: Evidence from Massachusetts Reform," Working Paper 2016, Presented at SOLE 2016.

"The Incidence of Healthcare Costs of Chronic Disease: Evidence from Older Workers" (with Chanup Jeung and Solomiya Shpak), Working Paper 2016, Presented at APPAM 2016.

Research in Progress

“Entrepreneurial Motivations, Innovation, and Growth: Evidence from the Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs” (with J. David Brown, John S. Earle, and Mee Jung Kim)

“Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Job Creation, and Innovation” (with J. David Brown, John S. Earle, and Mee Jung Kim)

“The Intergenerational Transmission of Entrepreneurial Propensities: Comparative Evidence from Pre- to Post-Communism in Eastern Europe, Russia, and China” (with John S. Earle)

“The Impact of Paid Sick Leave on Preventive Care Usage: the Evidence from Connecticut’s Paid Sick Leave Law” (with Chanup Jeung and Gilbert Gimm)