The Process

Trim Overhanging Grass

Using a line trimmer, our prep crew will edge your driveway to expose the edges of the asphalt to ensure total coverage.

Remove Dirt and Debris

Our high powered blowers combined with wire brooms rids the surface of dirt and debris, allowing for maximum adhesion of the sealer.

Prime Oil-Stained Areas

Any oil stains that require priming will be covered to help the sealer adhere to them. Fresh oil stains may still bleed through and should be cleaned prior to our crews coming. Oil stains are not 100% guaranteed to be removed.

Apply Filler to Major Cracks

We apply a cold pour, trowel grade crack filler to cracks between 1/4″ and 3/4″. For larger cracks, our direct-fire hot melting crack filler does the job with ease (additional charge). See video below of our hot melter in action.

Apply Sealcoat Application

After all of the prep work is completed, we then brush on a high-quality commercial grade sealer. Using brushes is our preferred way of treating your driveway and although it is more time consuming, we feel as though it is worth it.

Block Street Entrance to Prevent Traffic

Your driveway needs to remain unused for 24 hours after sealing, so our clearly visible fluorescent tape and sign will keep unwanted vehicles from ruining your beautiful new drive.