Kitty Tripp Smith

Creative, Self-Motivated & Welcoming

I consider myself not only a lifelong learner, but a curious person. Throughout my career, I've worked to explore new technologies and share my enthusiasm with colleagues, familes, and the community alike. Growing as a professional, I explored what would help me standout from those working around me. I found my success through hard work, challenges like National Board Certification and becoming a Google Innovator, developing my social media presence on a national platform, and collaboration with colleagues across the globe. Each of these activities took me farther and higher than I could ever imagine. 

I've now worked as an innovative educator for the last 27 years. Not only have I been a teacher, coach and district administrator, but also taken on a wide variety of learning opportunities as a Google Innovator and Apple Learning Coach.  Currently in Clover School District I work as a district Innovation Coach supporting educators in their journey of implementing technology across the curriculum. I greatly enjoy sharing my passion for learning through social media venues on a state and national level. Continue learning and connecting with me on Twitter at @KitKatEDU