A professor from undergrad once said to me: "Kaelyn, you're the kind of guy who could find MOST things in math interesting if they're presented to you in the right way." Looking back at it, I think that professor is correct, as I absolutely HATE pigeonholing myself mathematically. That being said, there are some branches of math I find myself gravitating to most naturally. Those branches are geometry, topology, combinatorics, and computational mathematics. These days, my favorite mathematical objects to think about are graphs, complexes, lattices, polytopes, hyperplanes, and matroids. As a result, I often think about problems in the following areas of math:

I'm also interested in applications to machine learning, optimization theory, and topological data analysis. Below is a list of my projects, past and present.

Current Projects

Here are the projects that consume the bulk of my research time these days.

Past Projects

Here's a list of projects I've pursued before that I no longer actively work on but am still interested in. I'm willing to resume these projects at the right time, so feel free to ask about them anyway if you're interested as well.