Louisville Free-moN Standards

Before you build, read and follow the Free-moN and the Louisville Standards!

All Louisville modules shall follow the Free-moN standards.

Additional Louisville Standards are listed following the Free-moN Standards. 

Free-mo N Scale (Free-moN) Modular Railroading

 Free-moN Website  

Standards and Recommendations, Version 20230206


Free-moN attempts to raise-the-bar for N scale modular railroading by specifying standards for bench work, track and digital control that promotes, and even forces, prototypical appearance and operational characteristics. This document contains standards (identified with an S) that must be followed to the letter and recommendations, (identified by RP and written in italics).


The Free-moN standard has the following objectives in mind:

These are the goals that the standards presented here are attempting to achieve as they apply to N scale. Each standard set forth below must satisfy at least one of these goals.



Legs & Bracing

Sub roadbed



Track - Main Line

Wiring & Electrical

Main Line Track Bus

Accessory Power Bus

LocoNet Bus



Crowd Control Barrier System

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Louisville Standards

In addition to all Free-moN Standards, the Louisville Standards are expected by all Louisville Area modelers who plan to associate with the Louisville Free-moN group.

Check the Resources Page for sources of many of the required materials and components listed below.

General Track Requirements

Main Line

NOTE: The main shall be the continuous track from the center of each endplate

Secondary Tracks: Passing Sidings and Double Track Mains


Electrical Requirements


Formula (based on a dirt sample taken from the Louisville area):

Before you build, read and follow the Free-moN and the Louisville Standards!