Shaping the Future of Youth


1. If you live in Mumbai, we would love for you to come and volunteer with us and teach the girls any skill you have, contribute an administrative skill to help Kranti do accounts, improve our webpage, offer legal advice (we're in dire need of a lawyer!), or just give the girls a talk about your career to inspire them.

2. Become a Didi. If you live in Mumbai, you can mentor a Revolutionary.

3. You can contribute to us financially on Global Giving. Global Giving lists non-profits around the world after ascertaining their credibility. (Check out the other non-profits while you're there).

You can also contribute to us on iJourneyGreen

4. You can tell your friends and family about Kranti, show them the video you saw, and make them aware of the issue of trafficking and the work we do to mitigate it.

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