J Sq'd Show

with J&J Smith

03-24 J Sq'd pandemic.mp3

03-24-20 on the Pandemic

03-31 JSq'd on BH City Council Pandemic & Juan Trujillo coming back Fri.mp3

03-31 on BH City Council vote no, BH Myths Pandemic, Juan Trujillo (Freaky Friday)

03-10 J Sq'd on BlackHills off-ramp Pt 2 w Randy Steve Jaime.mp3

03-10-20. Blackhills Off-Ramp Part 2

3-17 J Sq'd on Pueblo House OTR.mp3

03-17-20 How did Pueblo House/KOYC start?

3-3 J Sq'd on EAST town hall.mp3

03-03-20 East Town Hall Meeting

03-10 J Sq'd on Blackhills Part 1 w Randy Steve Jamie.mp3

03-10-20 Black Hills Off-Ramp Part 1

J Sq'd 2-18 Sales sprint fu-politics elections blackhills and THC contrvsy.mp3

02-18-20 Sprint, follow Politics/Elections, Blackhills and Controversy over our THC show (why we do the show)

J Sq'd 2-25 Politics-skiing-blnose-bike lanes-socialism.mp3

02-25-20 Politics, Skiing story, Bike Lanes, Socialism

02-04 J Sq'd Show -Changes in Pueblo- Slum Lords-Iowa Caucus-Trump love hate and city council.mp3

02-04-20 Changes in Pueblo, Slum Lords & More

J Sq'd Show 2-11 service-Sprint -drs -towing & Walmart.mp3

02-11-20-Service, Towing, Dr's & Walmart