Minjee Kim, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a historian and lecturer specializing in dress and textile history of Korea. Born and raised in South Korea, she received her BS, MS, and PhD from Seoul National University. (Doctoral dissertation: Dress history of the Balhae dynasty (698-926), (2000)) She was a faculty member at Jeonju Kijeon College (1993-1998) and a lecturer at Seoul National University (1996-2000). She also consulted period costume production for museum exhibitions in South Korea: the War Memorial Museum (1998), Seoul National University Museum (2000), and the National Folk Museum (2000).

In December 2000, she moved to the US. After over a decade of being stay-at-home mom, she resumed her career with a series of lecture at the J.Paul Getty Museum when Man in Korean Costume was on display at the exhibition Looking East: Rubens's Encounter with Asia in 2013. Since then, she has dedicated herself to raising awareness of hanbok and dress history of Korea, both in academia and for public. Her areas of interest include diversifying dress/fashion history education, dress historiography, dress history methodology, cultural appropriation, and representation of collective identity through dress. She is a member of the Costume Society of America since 2016, and serves for Western Region as a Board of Director and Publicity Chair (2018-present).