About Us


This Council, a non-profit and volunteer organization, works closely with the St. Francis Xavier Parish Church in Mississauga; Providing funds, talents, time, and skills for various projects. Our members are in union with the Holy See; Standing together with other Knights of Columbus Councils in protecting the sanctity of marriage, defending the values of traditional faith and family.


Serving our families is not only part of what we do, It’s part of who we are. To that end, Knights of Columbus council offer programs that strengthen family and marital bonds. In addition to including our families in the Order’s culture we also:

  • Hold family-focused activities designed to help families communicate better and grow together.
  • Support a variety of programs to fortify the family unit, such as our “Family of the Month” program that honours outstanding families.
  • Promote education through fellowships, scholarship and student loans.
  • Provide financial assistance and moral support during times of need.


Together Knights have a powerful voice. One that speaks out for religious and moral values, and speaks out against fear and indifference. By actively and financially supporting a multitude of worthy causes. Knights of Columbus members all over the world have improved communities by:

  • Volunteering millions of hours to community services
  • Donating over a billion dollars to charitable causes
  • Helping countless men, women, and children in times of need
  • Promoting civic involvement and, thereby, a sense of national pride
  • Helping preserve the Environment
  • Focusing attention on health matters
  • Leading the charge in support of all life issues


As Knights, Faith is our foundation.

Dedicated to the Catholic Church’s growth and her good works, we serve the Church and help strengthen our personal faith by:

    • Providing financial and spiritual support of religious education, outreach, and vocations
    • Demonstrating our dedication to the Pope and his teachings
    • Ensuring the future growth and development of the Church
    • Promoting evangelization through our Catholic advertising program

The Order

With more than 1.8 million members, the Knights of Columbus is the world’s largest Catholic Lay

Organization. It provides members and their families with volunteer opportunities in service to the

Catholic Church, the community, families, and young people.

We are Men of Faith. Guided not only by our belief in God and the Catholic Church, but by our belief in each other and ourselves. We are The Knights of Columbus. An organization strengthen by the successes of our past, and driven by our goal for the future. Dedicated to five key areas of service—faith, community, family, youth and fellowship. Dedicated to making a difference.