Activity of Daily Living

PSAAL( Platform of Swarm-intelligence for Ambient Assisted Living)

Activity of Daily Living Sound Dataset (ADLSD)

ADLSD contains strongly labeled domestic sounds from 16 classes in total of 182 min 45 sec.

The audio files in 'wavfiles' folder are in WAV format with sampling rate of 16 kHz and a bit depth of 16.

Metadata file include information about every audio file in the dataset:


The name of the labeled audio slice. The name takes the following format:

[date]-[time]-[onset]-[offset]-[event id]

* org_filename:

The original audio file of labeled audio clip. The name includes datetime of recordings: [date]-[time]

* onset:

The start time of the slice in the original audio file

* offset:

The end time of the slice in the original audio file

* event label:

The labeled class name

* event id:

A numeric identifier of the event label

* duration:

Duration of labeled audio slice (offset - onset)

The Class Distribution of ADLSD in seconds