Host a Write-In

No events in your area that you can attend? Change that!

Your two Municipal Liaisons for Knoxville are working adults with busy schedules. We try really hard, but we can't always guarantee that there will be an event that is convenient to your schedule or location. If you've got a little pluck and a good public place to meet with a few other writers, you can be our superhero!

Hosting a Write-In is relatively straightforward; it just takes a little bit of planning. Use the form below to schedule a Write-In or other event; we'll make an official calendar event for you. We're here to help! If you've got any questions, contact airpants (Whitney) or emperorgame (Thomas) through NaNoMail!

Guidelines for Leading a Write-In

Write-Ins should be held at public spaces. It is not advisable to host a write-in at your own home.

    • Host somewhere that does not charge for entry or use. Don't charge for Write-Ins.
    • Only put the hours you know you can commit to. Emergencies happen, but don't put 12-4 if you can only be there 12-2.
    • Try to greet people, put up a NaNoWriMo folding sign, or otherwise help people find you (not mandatory but helpful)
    • Consider having some dedicated writing time (sprints, wars) even if you encourage chatting for some of the write-in.

Check your NaNoMail regularly (as writing permits!) during your write-in in case someone has an urgent question about finding you.

Note that libraries, coffee shops, comic book shops, and the like tend to work better than sit-down restaurants. If you do go to a sit-down restaurant, consider a group tab to make life easier for everyone. Also note that most sit-down restaurants don't have WiFi or outlets for customers. If your only option is a sit-down restaurant, it can be helpful to check for outlets and WiFi before scheduling your write-in there.