Code of Conduct

Although this document was created as a guideline for Facebook and Regional forum posts, the spirit applies to the whole of the group.

The KnoxWriMos Noveling Club is open and welcoming to all writers regardless of age, gender, sexuality, religion, skin color, ethnicity, ability, or language. We do ask that you wear clothes to our events.

The short version of our Code of Conduct:

  • don't be rude
  • we don't discuss current politics
  • try to stay on topic

The Admins and Municipal Liaisons intend these rules to be a means of keeping order in our discussions and hope to make it clear what is and is not acceptable behavior for the members of our group. Please read these rules and adhere to them at all times when you are making posts in our Regional forum or Facebook group.

Posts Allowed

We want these discussions to be for the local chapter of NaNoWriMo participants to share questions, events, writing tips, and writing promotions. So please bring your:

  • NaNoWriMo-specific questions
  • KnoxWriMos event/activity questions
  • General writing questions
  • Personal promotions for writing-related things (blogs, books, articles, etc)
  • Writing tips/tricks, things you have learned, advice for new NaNoWriMo participants, etc
  • Information about local writing-related events (local writing clubs, NaNoWriMo author book signings, etc)
  • Status updates on your writing activities

Posts Not Allowed

The following posts are not allowed and will be removed by Admins if/when they appear:

  • Any/all promotions of non-writing-related products, services, and events
  • Posts bashing any person or thing whether in or out of this group
  • Excessive links to blog posts/articles/books that become spam
  • Links to non-writing-related websites/articles that are not accompanied by any introduction from the poster

General Behavior Rules

We expect members to act according to the Golden Rule, and we ask that you treat others as you would like to be treated. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Be respectful of others. There are many different people in this group. You aren't required to like or be friends with anyone, but you are required to be civil to each other.
  2. Keep your posts and discussions PG-rated. If your finished novel would be sold in an opaque bag in the 18+ section of the store, please don't discuss the slippery details in the group.
  3. Don’t use (much) cussin'. Use your own judgment on this, but please don’t fill a post with cursing for any reason.
  4. Promote yourself and your work, but don’t spam. We are excited to help our local writers and want you to succeed in your book/blog/article/writing career. We just don’t want to see links to your promotions every other post that you make.
  5. Leave your political/religious/social opinions on your own news feed. We do not allow proselytizing of any kind and appreciate your help in keeping this to a minimum. Historical discussion is fine, as is discussing fictional politics.
  6. If you see something you don’t like, ignore it. If you see something that violates our rules, let an Admin know. If you see paranormal phenomena, call Ghostbusters.

Member Acceptance Rules

In order to keep this group local and make sure we aren’t allowing in spammers, the admins reserve the right to ignore/block any requests from people who:

  • Show their current location and/or hometown as somewhere other than the East Tennessee region
  • Have a history on Facebook less than 1 month
  • Have membership in zero groups
  • Make posts available on their timeline that are spam/advertisements/solicitations

Bannable Offenses

Any of the following behaviors in group events, fora, or comments will garner ONE warning for the offender. If the behavior persists, the Admins will remove and ban the member from the group.

  • Flaming, defaming, or bullying members of the group, current or prior.
  • Use of racist, sexist, or LGBTQ-targeted slurs, explicit sexual content, or other deliberately antagonistic topics.
  • Any form of solicitation – sexual, commercial, or otherwise – that is not strictly related to your own writing.
    • Note: there is no group-acceptable form of writing-related sexual solicitation.
  • Spamming the page with multiple posts promoting yourself or your work and taking up the entire page feed with your posts.

We defer to the Admins of when it comes to taking action in the Regional forums.

If you have an issue with one of the Municipal Liaisons that you cannot resolve through civilized discussion, please contact NaNoWriMo HQ.

Questions? Ask an ML! It's why we're here.

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