About Us


We are Lindsey and Tom. We make wood products in our home in La Crosse, WI. All our wares are hand-made and our materials are locally sourced. We named our business after Willow, our naughty Redbone Coonhound, who likes to steal wood scraps whenever our backs are turned...


Just like her namesake, Freyja is a goddess. She spends her time sleeping in the sun and watching the birds outside the window.


Flynt joined our pack about a month after Freyja. His favorite hobbies include trying to steal Freyja's crown, finding new forts to sleep in, and getting a breath of fresh air out on his catio.


Meet knotty Willow. Don't let those puppydog eyes fool you, she's a bit of a trouble maker. Her latest mission, since we started hand crafting trays, is to find the tastiest scrap of wood to chew on. The tastiest scrap seems to always be the one currently being chewed on by her sister Roo. So her mission is to use her signature coonhound howl to ask for that piece. Once Roo shares the wood scrap, since she's a nice sister, Willow realizes that Roo has tricked her! The tastiest scrap of wood is the new one that Roo found and is chewing on!


Roo is the glue that holds this pack together. If Willow is bored, Roo will nibble on her back legs as a challenge to wrestle. When the cats venture into the room, Roo greets them with a playful bow and respects their personal space. She's also the master of self-care. She'll find a comfy spot to nap in another room when she's tired from playing and checking in on everyone else's well-being.