2 & 3 July 2020


Knowledge Management for Development Community

20th Anniversary Celebrations!

Thanks to everyone who joined this world wide space to celebrate, share & learn!


The videos of the sessions are now available, see below!

To learn more about the outcomes visit the KM4DEV official website:


KM4DEV turned 20 years in 2020! This celebration was a time to connect and have conversations about what is important to us, and strengthen our community.


Opening Session (EN)

KM4Dev20Years: looking back at the community's story

Session 2 (FR)

La gestion des connaissance dans le monde francophone et les défis spécifiques concernant l’Afrique.

Session 3 (EN)

Lessons Learned from the World Bank Group: Nurturing Communities of Practice

Session 4 (EN)

Conversational Leadership: let’s practice and design this new field together!

2 July 202015-16h CEST [convert time]Event in English.
2 July16-17h CEST [convert time]Event in French
2 July 202017-18h CEST [convert time]Event in English
2 July 202018-19h CEST [convert time]Event in English

Session 5 (ES)

¿Cómo evaluamos la gestión del conocimiento en Amérca Latina y el Caribe?

Session 6 (EN)

How could a KM perspective allow us to more effectively address political polarization as facilitators?

Session 7 (EN)

How to do KM from scratch with Zero Budget – Wins and fails from the Case study of ActionAid International

Session 8 (EN)

Experience capitalization:

how do we monitor and evaluate this approach?

2 July 202019-20h CEST [convert time]Event in Spanish

2 July 202021-22h CEST [convert time]Event in English

3 July 202009-10h CEST [convert time]Event in English

3 July 202011-12h CEST [convert time]Event in English.

Session 9 (EN)

Online collaboration, dialogue & interaction - what works in international development

Closing Session (EN)

KM4DEV 20 Years:

The future of Knowledge Management & the KM4Dev Community

3 July 202013-14:30h CEST [convert time]Event in English
3 July 202015-16h CEST [convert time]Event in English

Coffee Room & Guestbook

Participants joined the coffee room and guestbook for informal conversations during the celebration

The opening times of the coffee room were 2 July 2020 16:00h to 3 July 2020 14:00h CEST

World Wide Space

This was a World Wide Space to celebrate! Participants could join anytime from anywhere in any sessions during the 24h agenda.

The details of the session are described above


Some sessions were facilitated in French, Spanish or English. The language indication was provided in the sessions above

Open for all

This event was not only for KM4DEV member of the community but for any other KM enthusiasts around the world

The Venue

All sessions happened via zoom. Each session had a unique zoom meeting link, therefore participants needed to register to the session(s) of their choice in advance (each session had a "register" button).

Languages / Translation


This page is available in English. We recommend using Deepl.com to translate content.

Some sessions were available in French and Spanish and that was indicated in the title of the sessions above.


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Algunas sesiones fueron disponibles en Español y eso se indicó en el título de las sesiones de arriba.


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Certaines sessions étaient disponibles en espagnol et cela était indiqué dans le titre des sessions ci-dessus.

Thanks to everyone who joined!

Note about sessions capacity at the event

This was a free event, therefore in some sessions, only the first 100 registered participants arriving at the Zoom Meeting had a seat

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