Why elect Joshua Trustee

Josh will be an effective advocate for the people of Oak Park because he's prepared, progressive, and pragmatic.

Prepared: For years, Josh have been working with community groups and citizen’s committees advocating for the people of Oak Park. You may have seen him testify to the Plan Commission and to the Village Board for more transparent, democratic, and fiscally responsible government, for policies that support an inclusive and equitable community, and for development that respects and enhances the unique character of our village, our neighborhoods, and the environment.

Progressive: Josh will work for an Oak Park where we can all afford to live together as neighbors. The key words here are all, afford, and neighbors. All means a Village that’s diverse in terms of race, economic status, and family structure. Afford means holding the line on spending in smart ways, so that people across the economic spectrum can enjoy living here. Neighbors means keeping Oak Park racially and economically integrated.

Pragmatic: Josh is a professor of management at the University of Chicago’s Business School and a management consultant. His expertise is in how to make better decisions and how to effect change. Josh has a history of working with people from Libertarian economists to Socialist activists, from starving artists to high-powered business executives. He knows how to bring people together to accomplish great things. We need that on the Village Board.

Josh's background, his track record, and his commitment to core values--that's how you know the Joshua Klayman you vote for is the Joshua Klayman you’ll get as Trustee. It’s how you know

Joshua Klayman will put the TRUST in TRUSTEE.