As Trustee, I will work to

Build a transparent and democratic government in which the people of our village will decide the future of Oak Park.

  • revise or create neighborhood plans to reflect the priorities of residents and local businesses.
  • reach out to under-represented Oak Parkers to include their voices in decision-making
  • empower independent and fairly appointed citizen commissions that will live up to their mission to provide expertise and guidance to Village government
  • ensure that Village government decision making is done openly, with advance notification and ample opportunity for public input

Fulfill the promise of our reputation as a truly equitable community.

  • ensure that every decision made by the village is viewed through a lens of racial equity and inclusion and represents the interests of LGBTQ, elderly, disabled, undocumented, and disadvantaged members of our community.
  • require anti-racism and anti-bias training for all village staff and elected officials
  • communicate and collaborate with neighboring communities to address shared concerns and opportunities

Advance policies that support the economic diversity of our community: home owners, renters, and local businesses.

  • promote affordable, integrated neighborhoods instead of subsidizing gentrification
  • support existing local businesses and new businesses that neighborhoods want
  • control property taxes by funding only projects with solid evidence of value for Oak Park citizens
  • establish cooperative relationships with other local governments (Township, Park District, Library, Schools) for greater efficiency and improved services

Advocate development that respects the unique character of the village, its neighborhoods, and the environment.

  • establish clear, uniform limits on zoning exceptions, and approve only those exceptions that conform to citizen-supported neighborhood plans
  • open up the development deal-making process that is currently conducted in secret by the tax-funded Oak Park Economic Development Corporation (OPEDC) and village officials
  • enhance Oak Park’s natural environment and public green spaces and adopt sustainable practices throughout the village