Joshua Klayman for Trustee

Early voting March 18 -- April 1 at Village Hall

Election-day voting April 2 at your local polling place

Joshua Klayman: Prepared, progressive, pragmatic

Joshua is a teacher and researcher at the University of Chicago’s business school and a management consultant. He knows how to bring people together to accomplish great things.

Josh and his wife have lived in Oak Park for 28 years, as renters and then as condo-owners, in a racially diverse building in an economically diverse neighborhood with lots of local businesses.

Josh has worked tirelessly for a more affordable, equitable, diverse, and democratic Oak Park. His efforts include co-founding a community-action group dedicated to enhancing Oak Park’s environment and preserving its unique character: the Oak Park Coalition for Appropriate Development, and he co-founded VOICE, working to give Oak Parkers a greater voice in what happens in our village.

Why Josh is running for Trustee

"I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to live here. That’s why I’m running for trustee—I want to give back to the community that has given so much to me."

FAQS: Learn more about how Josh will put the Trust in Trustee

On this page

  • Why elect Joshua Trustee?
  • I've heard the slogan "Open for Business"; what does Josh mean by "Open for People"?
  • What's Josh's plan for controlling our tax burden?
  • What's Josh's policy for appropriate development?
  • What does Josh think about diversity, affordability, and integration in housing?
  • What are the VOICE principles that Josh has signed on to?

+ An in-depth interview with Doris Davenport

PREPARED Josh has worked diligently for appropriate development in Oak Park and for government that's fiscally responsible and citizen oriented.

PROGRESSIVE Josh is committed to an inclusive, equitable community where all Oak Parkers can afford to live together as neighbors.

PRAGMATIC As a professor of management in the U. of Chicago’s business school, Josh knows how to bring people together to accomplish great things.

Josh wants Oak Park to be "Open for People"

"The current Village administration uses the slogan, 'open for business.' Well, I’m working for an Oak Park that’s 'open for people.' This is not a tradeoff—we cannot succeed unless we are both. That principle has guided my entire career as a teacher, consultant, and researcher, and my work as an advocate for the people of Oak Park. Open for people means controlling taxes and fees in smart ways that safeguard what we love about our Village. Open for people means making Village government more transparent, inclusive, and democratic. Open for people means promoting a diverse, equitable, and green Oak Park where we can all afford to live together as neighbors."

1. Limit spending increases to the rate of inflation, at most.

2. Set spending priorities within that limit.

3. Keep our eye on ALL the ways the Village collects your money, not just on the property tax.

4. Find efficiencies through intergovernmental cooperation.

5. Rely less on expensive outside consultants, more on our Citizen Commissions and community groups.

6. Initiate smarter, more diversified, more innovative, more transparent approaches to economic development.

Appropriate development must

- provide new housing opportunities for people at all different income levels

- provide new opportunities for local businesses and jobs

- respect and enhance the unique character of the village and its neighborhoods

- protect the environment

- involve citizens in the entire design and selection process

- provide solid evidence that it will have a positive impact on quality of life

- take place throughout the Village

- conform to comprehensive plans

We need more affordable housing in Oak Park in order to maintain our village’s diversity.

As Trustee, Josh will work to achieve two equally important goals: affordable housing across the economic spectrum, and a village that is integrated economically, racially, and by family structure.

One key action in creating the affordable housing we need in Oak Park is to enact an Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance requiring developers to include a certain percentage of affordable units in new residential developments or else pay into a fund for building affordable housing in the Village. As Trustee, Josh will work to

  • Design stronger incentives to create mixed income housing and mixed-income neighborhoods.
  • Expand the area to which the ordinance applies.
  • Create additional incentives for affordable housing at lower ranges of the economic spectrum.
  • Establish rewards other than just allowing larger developments in return for including affordable units.
  • Mesh Inclusionary Zoning with additional approaches, in collaboration with the Oak Park Housing Center and other community partners.

Josh has committed to upholding these principles, developed in association with community-action group VOICE Oak Park:

Build a transparent and democratic government in which the people of our village will decide the future of Oak Park.

Fulfill the promise of our reputation as a truly equitable community.

Advance policies that support the economic diversity of our community: home owners, renters, and local businesses.

Advocate development that respects the unique character of the village, its neighborhoods, and the environment.

For an in-depth exploration of who I am and what I stand for, check out this interview on the Doris Davenport Show on February 11.

  • (It's a radio show, but this is an inside-the-studio video of it. The camera was off-course for the first few minutes, but then you'll see Josh, Doris and co-host Doug Wyman. For the whole show and lots of other good local news and info, see the Doris Davenport Show Facebook page.)