Scholarship Workers & Volunteers

Thank you so much for your interest in working at the Kirksville Child Development Center!

Our program could not exist without your help! We believe (know!) that kids learn best through play that is directed by their own curiosities. By its nature, this type of program requires lots of adult supervision, which is made possible by you.

    • Thanks to Missouri weather, and because we are located off campus at 2805 S. Halliburton St., having your own transportation is highly recommended. Sometime we have students share rides.

    • We are open 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. each weekday. We are closed during Spring Break and other days the public schools are closed. Your hours will need to be worked during these hours.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Email me to let me know you want to work here (or not so I won't bug you with emails) at

  • Scholarship Renewal Form: Fill this out through Financial Aid so I can approve your placement.

  • Your class schedule for next semester: Email to me in table form. I will make the schedule just before school starts in the fall. You can also stop by the center before you leave for the summer to tour the place.

  • (LINK)Worker Registration: This is a background check. If you have worked in camps or other educational settings, you may already be registered. Go ahead and fill it out, even if you think you are registered. Let me know if you think you are registered, and we can check with the state. You are welcome to mail this in yourself (note the fee) or mail the form to me at K-CDC, 2805 S. Halliburton St., Kirksville, MO, 63501 and we will submit it.


  • (LINK) Medical Form: Note that this is both a PHYSICAL and a TB TEST (see below). These must be filled out and signed by a health care professional .

  • (LINK) TB Risk Assessment: You fill out one side and an healthcare professional fills out the other side. You will probably need to have a TB test before they fill this out. The TB test needs to have been administered in the last 12 months to be valid. Therefore, please wait until summer to do this so it will be valid for the whole year.

  • Immunization Record: Please bring me a copy of your immunization record. There have been times when students have been exposed to illnesses like mumps and are not up-to-date with their shots. We need to be aware to ensure the minimal exposure to our kids!

  • (LINK) Obtain your MOPD ID: You only need to do this if you are new to our center, as all returning students already have an ID. It takes about 5 seconds. If you would like a greater explanation, click on the “Click here” link on the MOPD ID page.

Please mail all completed documents to the KCDC, 2805 S. Halliburton St., Kirksville MO, 63501 or email to


  1. Paperwork Checklist: Use this to help keep track of the paperwork. It gets a little confusing, but it's all to ensure the safety of our kiddos!!

  2. Staff Handbook: This is a nearly-finished draft of our STAFF HANDBOOK. You can look at it for more information (start on page 16 for our philosophy which is the good stuff). HOWEVER, you DO need to read the WHOLE THING before our orientation in August.

  3. KCDC Training Explanation

  4. Track Training Hours at:

We have a 3 hour MANDATORY training on the Sunday in August before the first week of classes to orient you to our program. It counts your time card and our parents make delicious homemade food for us! More information will be sent over the summer.

Again, THANK YOU very much for your interest in working here. I hope to meet you soon!