Simple Pedometer

How to use

Switch screens

Switch screens by tapping the tab at the top of the screen.There're Steps, Log and Setting screens.

Steps screen

Measurement is stopped.

It is the screen that displays the number of steps.

Today's meter shows daily steps, distance and walk time. It is reset to 0 by at the end of each day. No way to reset it manually. Daily distance is calculated from the daily steps and "step distance" (set in the Setting screen).

Trip meter displays the number of steps, distance and walk time of the specific section. It is reset to 0 by pressing the "Reset" button. There're 2 trip meters and selected by pressing the "Select" button. It is useful to measure the number of steps each walking.

Start/Stop button starts/stops the measurement of steps. During measurement, the meter color is orange and Walkroid icon is green. During stopped, they are gray. So it is easy to find whether running or not.

Log screen

It is the screen that displays daily steps, distance and walk time.

You can share the log by pressing the "SHARE" button. When pressing the button, the "Select an application" dialog may appears, then you can choose the app you prefer.

If you want to delete all logs, press the "Clear" button. The log can be restored by pressing the "Restore" button

until the date changes.

You can edit or delete each log by long tapping on it. you also create a new log by same way.

You can create a new log by selecting the "New" menu.

You can edit the log by selecting the "Edit" menu.

You can delete the log by selecting the "Delete" menu.

It is the dialog which displays by pressing the "New" or "Edit" button. Setting date, steps and/or walk time and pressing the "Set" button, The change will be stored.

Settings screen

It is the screen for setting each parameter.

You can select the unit of distance. "km" and "mile" is available.

You can set your step distance. The walked distance is calculated by the number of steps and the step distance.

You can select whether to use the battery saving function. This setting reduces the battery consumption when not in use,

such as when you are sleeping. This setting might stop the motion sensor in some devices. If counting stops, turn off this setting and reboot your device.

You can select whether to delay the start of counting. If there's a delay, less miscounts when you are operating phones. On the other hand, no counts for short distance steps like 2 or 3 steps. If there's no delay, increasing miscounts when you are operating phones, but you can count steps for short distance. It's useful for counting steps in the room.

Raise the app priority if counting steps stops frequently.

The Android OS stops background apps when free memory is low. Walkroid works in the background to count steps. If Android OS stops it, it will not to be able to count steps.

In addition, memory clean or battery saver apps sometimes stops backgroud apps.

Android OS almost never stops high priority apps.

Android OS requires high priority apps to show the icon on the status bar and the notification panel.


You can place the widget on the home screen.