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Podcasting is a great tool for Read Alouds or lessons! Here is an explanation of how to use Anchor.fm (free) or Flipgrid (free) to host a podcast-type platform for your students. This could be a read aloud you conduct, or an audio lesson. For me, my students listen to a read aloud each day after lunch. I use Anchor.fm to record myself reading so that this habit can continue. CLICK HERE to hear my example.

Writing With Book Creator

Here is an idea to increase engagement in writing. You can also see what all of your students are doing & track their writing in this library. QR Codes can be sent home, or a code can be given for them to join. Perfect for creative writing, book reports, history project, and more! My class of 3rd graders were working on this in Daily 5 for "Work on Writing" in chunks. It is more than just a book with text. You can insert media of all sorts. I know students will be engaged with this one!

Remote Writing Conference/Video Feedback

We can all utilize Google Docs or Slides and leave comments, but what a better way to conference than by video! Best of all, they can replay the video to be sure to follow instructions (I don't know about you, but I repeat myself a lot sometimes, and a video that could be replayed is a game-changer!). In this video, I show you how to use a FREE, and popular tool to send videos via Google Classroom (or email) to students as you personalize your writing feedback. I could see this being used for math or any other subject as well.

How to Set Up A Google Site

A tutorial with instructions for Google Sites creation