Kingdom of Jupiter and Greater Territories

Welcome to the Official Website of Jupiter

Jupiter, or more officially the Kingdom of Jupiter and Greater Territories is an sovereign constitutional monarchy surrounded by the American city of Raleigh, NC. We are considered a hobbyist micronation. Please take the time to explore this website, and if you have any questions please ask!

Government Structure

Jupiter's system of separation of powers is based off the United States of America, with an independent Legislature, a Judiciary, NPC, and an executive branch.

The legislature is called the Jovian Senate and is presided over by a President of the Senate who is elected by the Senate from among their members. The Senate as a whole is elected by the citizenship. More information can be found here.

The primary (and currently only) court in Jupiter is the High Court and it is presided over by the High Justice. The High Justice, and all Associate Justices, are appointed by the King with the approval of the Jovian Senate. More information can be found here.

There also exists the National Policy Council whose main goal is to create and coordinate government policies from throughout the other branches of government to make policies quick and easy. The current members are the King (Chair), the founders of the nation, the President of the Jovian Senate, the Leader of the Opposition, and a representative of the Military.

The last branch of the government is the executive branch. All executive power is held by the Office of the King through His Majesty King Max I. All government agencies (Departments, Military, Law Enforcement, Offices, etc.) and executive committees are under the executive branch. More information on government agencies can be found here.