Overview of the Court

The High Court of Jupiter is the foremost court in the Kingdom of Jupiter. It is currently presided over by the High Justice, the Honorable Seth Fogelsonger. The Court deals with criminal, civil, and constitutional cases. The court has original jurisdiction on all cases, as there is no lower courts on the national level yet. All provincial court decisions may be appealed to the High Court of Jupiter. The High Court of Jupiter sets all legal precedent in Jupiter. Justices are appointed by the King but need approval by the Jovian Senate and serve until resignation, retirement, or removal from office.

The Court accepts amicus curiae briefs on any current cases.

Case Records

Kingdom of Jupiter v. Pelton

Plaintiff: Landon Gaddy, as Attorney General of the Kingdom

Defendant: Sen. Earl Ethan Pelton

Question: Did Ethan Pelton destroy government owned materials?

Verdict: Verdict issued in favor of the Kingdom