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As I have watched the seasons change through the first three quarters of 2021, I am reminded that there are many things that change only a little, including the physical force of gravity. Thankfully, civilized life on earth exists mainly because of the unchanging things which we can rely upon to provide substance and structure to our meals, homes, time and work. So, as Autumn approaches and colour is once again drawn out of the foliage and back down into the soil, I am thankful that so many changes that our nation has been adapting to (as a result of pandemic and dislocations in governance) are a carefully considered return to ways that were satisfactorily custom and culture in our past. There is a balance to be found between introducing remedies for ills and appreciatively accepting a natural and familiar heritage that endures.

Knowing what to avoid...

About the Duty of Entrepreneurs (to rise to the increasing challenges of religiously-informed and scientifically-substantiated social demand)

Know what you are doing

Finding out what needs to be done is a first step towards competency. Learning how to do it is another.

Writing for Children

How hard it must be for children at this time to make sense of what is happening? Also for parents to explain to them. Experiments to discover scientific truths involve gathering data, testing, and being peer-reviewed. This is also the case, to some extent, for responsible writing.

Appreciating Architecture

We have an awkward relationship with our buildings, which may evoke emotions ranging between awe and hatred. We may live for them, or die for them. Good buildings endure and have a timeless quality, whereas bad ones may have different excuses offered up in apology for them in every age. So, are we now entering into a new era when our knowledge has developed to such an extent, and our purposes have sufficiently matured, to ensure that those who commission and build for the present and future generations really deliver the quality that, everyone ought to know by now, is required?