Endangered Animals

"I can't speak for myself. You are my voice."

"The Endangered Species Act is the strongest and most effective tool we have to repair the environmental harm that is causing a species to decline." Norm Dicks

Students create posters on Endangered Animals using Google Drawings. They represent four endangered animals with at least three interesting facts and at least two reasons they are endangered. They use a rubric that will helps them determine if they have met all the expectations of creating an attractive poster that has valid information with no spelling and grammar errors. The poster must adhere to design guidelines so that others appreciate its aesthetics. They learn more about note taking to help them gather information. Considering it is so easy to copy and paste information online, students are continuously reminded not to plagiarize. They incorporate an audio story for at least one animal that they record using Audacity. They must link to engaging videos and sounds for their animals. The videos' page provides step by step instructions that allow students to work at their own pace and revisit the videos if necessary. Peers provide constructive feedback so students can continue to perfect their poster.

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