Baked Goods

New York Style Bagels

At Khaan Deli, we make our bagels the authentic way – boiled then baked, for a true NY style chew. Like the best bagel shops and delis in New York, our bagels are shaped into rounds, then dropped in boiling water before being moved to the oven for the final baking to help seal in that all important texture. These techniques take more time, but they’re the only way to make hearty, chewy bagels with soft insides – we go the extra mile for our bagels.

Bagel toppings:

Plain Sesame Salt salt and sesame

2,000 Tugriks each


American Southern Style, fluffy and buttery.

1,400 Tugriks each

1,000T each for 10 or more

English Muffins

American Style English Muffin.

2,000 Tugriks each

Pita Bread

Our pita are a perfect lighter, lower carb thin bread. Great for sandwich wraps or even for making a quick thin crust pizza.Our pita are approximately 20 cm in diameter.

1,500 Tugriks each


We make two sizes of our hand rolled flour tortillas. Great for making large beef burritos or a smaller tortilla for chicken fajitas.

30 cm - 1,400 Tugriks each

15 cm - 1,000 Tugriks each

Hamburger Buns

Planning your next outdoor barbecue? Order our sesame topped hamburger buns! These pair great with our ready made beef hamburger patties.

1,200 Tugriks each

Hot Dog Buns

Do you need some hot dog buns for your barbecue? Order yours here today!

1,200 Tugriks each