News from the Martinez Amateur Radio Team

Updated Quickie Guides

Check the fldigi page for updated quickie guides (version 19.1). There's a version with screenshots and one without.

Antenna Adventures, Atmospheric Conditions

Andy has 33 feet of Cat5, all strands bonded together at the base and up into a tree, and four 33 foot radials each of one pair of said Cat5 on his balcony. 25 feet-ish of coax to the LDG auto tuner and then to the IC-707! Jim B. added his thoughts on this set up in current atmospheric conditions.

Andy's Adventures in HF

Andy was looking for an entry level HF rig. He has one now (with pictures). [More]

KF6HTE Repeater Update(s)

Our repeater is home (at least temporarily). [More]

This week a couple of us from the club met up to program our Baofeng radios to a more standard programming. Did you know there is a recommended first 10 frequencies to be programmed on your Baofeng? I did not, so I have added the first 10 to my radio and we had a good discussion on how to group your frequencies. Group them alphabetically? By Frequency? By band? or random as my radio was.

But that is not the point of this Ode to Chinese Radios. I had always thought that the Chinese Radios were going to take over the Amateur Radiomarket. The price point is so low, that we would be willing to live with their quarks of programming or their slightly clunky operation.

These are my opinions and thoughts on the fabulous influx of inexpensive Chinese radios. [More]

A picture scrapbook of our team working on the repeater, circa 2005. [More]