Keys to Healthy Communication

A Book to Change Your Life

Keys to Healthy Communication is written strategically to improve personal health, both physical and mental, to foster healthier relationships and to develop a better understanding of how to build and participate in a healthier society.

The Communication/Health Interconnection

How you communicate has significant health ramifications that impact every aspect of your life.

  1. Personal Health --- all aspects of mental and physical health

  2. Relational Health --- how people relate to partners, friends, family, work associates, and even strangers

  3. Social Health --- the communication practices that can affect people's collective future

Improve Your Health

—Personal, Relational and Societal—

through Positive Communication Practices

Detrimental communication behaviors absolutely can destroy your health, the health of those you love the most and the health of the democracy.

Recognize the differences between positive and detrimental communication behaviors.

You can literally reprogram your communication practices to be healthier.

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