Kevin James is an academician whose calling is to help others obtain a higher education and relevant training to become successfully employed. He prides himself in helping others who want to help themselves by learning more about who they are, and perfecting a craft through education so they can lead successful lives through careers of their choosing. Kevin has years of higher education supervisory experience in college choice, enrollment, financial aid/ pell grant options, and scholarship availability.

What is an education consultant?

An education consultant is a trained professional who assists students and families with educational decision making.

What do I do?

Kevin James Unlimited Education Group assists students and families with education decision-making and provides education counseling and admission services in the following organizations:

  • Public and Private Colleges and Universities
  • Job Corps
  • Boarding Schools
  • Music/ Band Camps
  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools
  • Wilderness Programs
  • Summer Enrichment Programs


  • Assurance of college admission
  • Leadership seminars
  • Educational program planning and design
  • Work directly with admissions officers
  • Increase present and life earning potential
  • Life Coaching

Resume Proofing/Editing

In this economy, there is a pile of resumes on the hiring manager's desk and email Inbox. You only have eight to 10 seconds to get your resume noticed; therefore it must stand out to be recognized. The goal of this service is to develop or edit a professional resume or curriculum vitae (CV) that will highlight your unique credentials gaining the attention of recruiters and the management. My objective is to get my clients the job interview. My service has the ability to present a compelling resume or curriculum vitae that is comprehensive with pertinent achievements, skills, experience, and keywords to get you that interview.


  • Interviews Guaranteed
  • Resume editing service to refurbish your old resume
  • Set your resume apart from the crowd

Some of the target areas in which we analyze your resume include:

  • Header
  • Format Aptness
  • Readability
  • Font type and size
  • Sentence Structure and Alignment
  • Succinctness and Quality of Content

***Example of an effective resume***

Barack Obama Resume


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