Strange Arithmetic

by Kerrin Willis

It's the strange arithmetic of the universe....

Massachusetts, 1944. When Maggie O’Callaghan takes a job at Camp Myles Standish, the last thing on her mind is falling in love. She’s there to help the war effort so that heroes like Charlie Morris, the young man her family wants her to marry, can be brought home to safety. But when Maggie meets Carporale Leo Castiglione, a chivalrous Italian POW being held at the camp, she is soon swept away by the intensity of her feelings. Will her family ever accept her love for a man who was once an enemy, or will Maggie be forced to fight for everything she holds dear?

Massachusetts, 2015. Kindergarten teacher Niamh Reilly longs to start a family with her wife, Christine. Since the death of her mother, Niamh hasn’t known any blood relatives, and she yearns for a biological child of her own to help fill the void in her heart. But when Niamh’s struggles with fertility lead her to search for her biological family, will she be able to come to terms with her past in order to embrace her future?

Strange Arithmetic is a fast paced, gripping historical fiction novel, filled with love, loss, and learning hard lessons. Although Maggie and Niamh can’t always control their circumstances, only they can control how their stories end.

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