Our routines change depending on a normal after-school day, half In-service day, full in-service day, unexpected dismissal or storm days.

Children arrive on the bus around 2:25pm

Children get off the bus and are signed in for attendance as they get an orange vest on. After head count, children then go to Miner's March to Play until 5pm daily on nice days. Any changes will be sent via text to notify parents. Pick-ups can be done at the marsh until 5pm, any happening after that, please meet us at the centre/

A wagon is brought with many activities and toys for the children to enjoy while outside. While inside activities are set up for the children to participate in and play at their own leisure.

Afternoon snack is offered around 3pm if we have outside snack or as soon as we get inside when going in.

Children arrive on the bus between 11:24-11:26pm on Early Dismissal days.

As children get off the bus, they are signed in for attendance and a head count is done. We then head back to the centre for children to eat their packed lunch they brought. Children have free play and activities to join until 2:30pm where we head outside and remain out until 5pm as normal.

Free play and activities are set up while children are arriving. Children will eat their packed morning snack at 9:30am and then we get ready to head outside.

We try to do an adventure to Memorial Park or Oakdene park on full days. We head out by 10:00am and return for lunch between 11:30am-12pm. Children bring a packed lunch to eat from home.

Children enjoy free play and activities again until 2:30pm when afternoon snack is served. We then get ready and head outside again to Miner's Marsh, the same as a regular after school day.

We will be open to receive your child on these days form the bus as normal. Please let us know as soon as possible that you have made other arrangements, so that we have all children accounted for.

If in the event we are to close early as well due to power outage and/or storm for example, we will let you know and your child can be collected from us.