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Fifth Grade Entrepreneurs

In two months the fifth graders sold over one thousand five hundred keychains earning just over one-thousand dollars. All of the proceeds went towards the school home and school association.

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3D Printing in Elementary Math

In this project, students were forced to think about volume, capacity, area, and measurement conversions in an authentic problem-based learning environment.

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Retelling Stories through Video Game Design

Students were responsible for identifying the key elements of the story that escalated the rising action and design it into the story of the video game.

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The Monoprice Mini V2 vs. Maker Select

Check out this featured on STEM Camp EDU. I evlauate the major differences between two 3D printers I have utilized in the classroom. I outweigh the pros and cons to help you make the best decision possible! Classrooms should think of the most effecitve way to spend capital on printers. You may not want to buy the biggest and best, but MANY small, reliable, and cosistent printer

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