be empowering

Student-centered learning is accomplished when students lead the learning community. Educators establish this community through effective pedagogy, positive culture, and efficient spaces.

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Keynote Presenter

Avon Grove Charter School

Hearing from @KenEhrmann @agcharter #agcharter #edcampagcs #agcssoars effectively utilzing #tech, mini lessons, effective questioning to personalize learning.
"We want the students working harder than us, it can't happen without a community and strong pedagogy" @KenEhrmann #agcssoars #Edcampagcs
"Taking time to build culture with your students is NEVER a waste of time." #BeEmpowering @KenEhrmann

2019 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year Finalist

Thank you to the entire Pennridge community, my family, colleagues, and friends for your support. The entire process was an extreme honor!