About Kelly

My name is Kelly Damerow. I’m a wife, mother, educator turned attorney, and experienced advocate.

I was born in Florida into a hardworking, blue collar family. I received my K-12 education and all following degrees in Florida public schools. I attended the University of Florida for my Bachelor's and Master’s degrees in education, as well as my law degree.

I met my husband, who was born and raised in Palm Bay, freshman year at college. He received all his degrees from Florida public schools right here in Palm Bay. He attended Lockmar Elementary, Southwest Middle School, and was valedictorian of Palm Bay High School, class of 2003. After receiving his Bachelor's degree, he returned to Brevard in January 2007 to work for Harris.

While earning my education degrees I immersed myself in volunteering, including as a University of Florida Literacy Initiative Mentor and a Bright Futures Mentor. Upon graduation I received an ESOL Endorsement and Educational Technology Certification.

I joined my husband in West Melbourne in 2007, teaching kindergarten as a student teacher in a Title I classroom. I saw firsthand the challenges teachers and students face everyday in the pursuit of education. This experience lit a fire inside of me to attend law school and learn all I could to improve the Florida education system.

Graduation day from law school

I took related classes including American Public School Law, Children and the Law, Labor Law, Public Policy, and Mediation and Negotiation, among others. My passion to be involved with my school and community lead to my participation and leadership of activities and organizations. I served as President of the Family Law Society, Board Member of Grad Cup, Student Ambassador, and member of the John Marshall Bar Association, Law Association for Women, and Collaborative Professionals of Brevard. I graduated with my Family Law and Pro Bono certifications, and went on to pass the Florida Bar in 2011.

I relocated to Washington D.C. to advocate for education on the federal level. I became the executive director of one nonprofit, then served as the president of another nonprofit, both promoting the importance of science education. I gained valuable budgeting and leadership experience running these million dollar organizations.

From Washington, we returned to Brevard in 2014 to be closer to family and start one of our own. I immersed myself in local volunteering, including the fight to end child hunger. I joined the Junior League of South Brevard, an organization dedicated to women's leadership training and volunteering to improve the local community. In 2018 I will celebrate 10 years of marriage to my husband Eric and the first birthday of our daughter Molly.

My husband and I meeting Bill Nye the Science Guy

I dedicated my life to education in the hopes that every child in Brevard receives exactly what the Florida Constitution guarantees, a “...high quality system of free public schools that allows students to obtain a high quality education...”