Keep Talking

National 10th Grade Speaking Program

Welcome to the 'Keep Talking' 10th Grade Speaking Program.

We would all agree that there is a need to raise the level of oral proficiency in English among Israeli students, not only in preparation for the oral component of the matriculation exam, but also as preparation for active participation in today's global world. Consequently, one of the national goals for promoting English proficiency this year is the improvement of students' English speaking skills. The Ministry of Education has created a new 10th grade program - 'Keep Talking' - allocating an extra 30 hours of English speaking classes to all pupils in the 10th grade.

In order to enable our students to speak confidently and fluently, we have to give ample pair and group work speaking activities in our classrooms. These activities need to be relevant and authentic, and provide useful lexical items for students to learn, use and recycle, both inside and outside the classroom. This program aims to address this issue.

If you want to find information about how to register for the program, which books are approved or to find a lesson plan to enrich the workbook, then simply browse the pages listed on the site bar above.

Good luck and Keep Talking

Jane Cohen and Jennifer Hoyzman (