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I am an enthusiastic field researcher. I conducted survey experiments and led research teams in several countries including, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Senegal, and Uganda. Below you will find my research record and some pictures portraying my experience in the field.

Academic Scholarships

  • 2022. “Predicting French Presidential Elections: A Challenge for Forecasters” (With Mary Stegmaier); PS: Political Science and Politics, 1-11. https://doi.org/10.1017/S104909652200049X

  • 2022. "Identifying with the Poor? Experimental Evidence from West Africa" (with John Doces); International Journal of Sociology, 52(4), 308-323. https://doi.org/10.1177/22338659221112992

  • 2022. “The Untold Story of the Modernization Thesis: Urbanization and Corruption in Africa”; International Area Studies Review, 25(3), 214-232. https://doi.org/10.1080/00207659.2022.2086730

  • "Democracy and Corruption: A Sensitivity Analysis" (with Jonathan Krieckhaus); Under review

  • "Modernization, Trust, and Corruption: Evidence from West Africa"; Under review

  • "Ethnicity, Religion, and Voting in Africa: An Experimental Analysis in Cote d'Ivoire and Uganda" (with John Doces); Under review

  • "The determinants of Corruption: An Experimental Consideration" (with John Doces, and Amy Wolaver); Working paper

  • "Estimating Survey Error: An Experimental Analysis" (with John Doces); Working project

Other Writings

Highlights from Senegal

First surprise in Dakar, they have the same buses as in the Ivory Coast but much more colorful
Visited the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, where I recruited my research assistants and made the survey printings.
Team briefing and training in the morning before going to the field.
Some baby foot after a hard day of work
Quick lunch, and back in the filed for more surveys
My team rocks

Highlights from Uganda

Here with Professor John Doces from Bucknell University at the airport in Abidjan (Ivory Coast). Heading to Rwanda for a quick visit then Uganda for field work.
Picked up at the airport in Kigali
Visit of the Genocide Memorial in Kigali
The nice ladies from KIEFHO (our host organization in Uganda) and I at the Genocide Memorial. Patricia on the left and Joan on the right
The genocide garden at the Memorial
Some beautiful landscape on our way to Uganda
Went on a medical outreach with KIEFHO that supports many people who cannot afford medicine and unable to reach the urban areas for hospitals.
Work in progress in the small town of Kabale (Western Uganda)
A working day in Mbarara with Brenda (left), an excellent team member, Prof. Doces (the white guy LOL) and our good friend Adrine with the white shirt.
A birthday surprise that is basically a prank because it was not actually my birthday (thank you Prof. Doces, LOL).

Highlights from Ivory Coast

Administering a survey in Songori (North-Eastern) the village I grew up in.
Another working day in Songori, this time with a translator (I think I am losing some of my Koulango, LOL)
An excellent team member in Songori and one of our translators
A photo with the translators at the end of our mission there (Alex in the pink shirt and Annan in the white tee-shirt)
Had the joy of seeing my grand mother again. Here she was amazed by the selfie technology...unfortunately it was the last time I saw here, she passed away a year later.
Lunch at my uncle's with Prof. Doces
On another mission with my amazing team in Bonoua (South)
Some other great team members in Korhogo (North)

Highlights from Ghana

With two of our research leaders in Elmina (central region) for another day of work in the field. Kader on the right and Solomon in the middle.
A visit at the Elmina Castles at the end of our mission.
One of our excellent team members approaching a lady to ask whether she would like to take our survey (Accra)
A fishing village close to Accra where we also sampled
Kader, one of our team leaders went to a kids' hospital to donate the money respondents decided to give to a charity instead of taking it for their participation in the survey.