Kansas City Region FLL Head Referee

This site contains information from the Kansas City's Regional Head Referee about this year's FLL Robot Game - Into Orbit. It is intended as an aid for regional coaches and teams and will be updated throughout the season. No updates will be made after 5pm on the Friday before any regional tournament.

Site contents:

UPDATES: There have been seven Robot Game updates; the last update came out on 11/13. Update 8 further explains the Crater Crossing (M04).

NOTE: Due to the decentralized structure of FLL anything on this page may be different in another region, at Worlds, or in any after-season competition. Everything here holds for any official KC Region FLL tournament and at pre-season tournaments where the refs are provided by KCFIRST. As of 8/28/2018 the tournaments where the site applies are:

  • CowTown ThrowDown rumble on 10/27
  • Olathe NW High School qualifier on 11/10
  • Summit Lakes Middle School qualifier on 11/17
  • Bingham Middle School qualifier on 12/1
  • Wyandotte High School qualifier on 12/8
  • Lawrence High Schooll qualifier on 12/15
  • Regional Championships on 1/26/2019

This site may be considered authoritative in the precedence order from this year's GP5 rule:

  1. Current Robot Game Updates
  2. Missions and Field Setup
  3. Rules
  4. Local Head Ref

I'll be updating the page throughout the season as I answer questions from coaches & teams, as rules updates are released, or when I get other information that I feel may be of use to teams. If you have a question that isn't answered here you may email me at kcFLLref@gmail.com. I'll try and answer all questions, but you'll be much more likely to get a satisfactory response if the question is about the rules as opposed to "will this solution legally score on mission XXXX?"

Michael Hartwig