New routes & format for 2021

- start your ride at any point on the course

Please try to record with STRAVA or ensure your group leader records the activity with a photo

– send to Julian:

Route One – 50 km

Distance: 50km - 31mi

Elevation: 260mtrs - 53 ft

Time limit: 3 (three) hrs (Elapsed)

Club points: 1 (one)

Route Two – 100 km

Distance: 100km - 62mi

Elevation: 519mtrs-1702ft

Time limit: 5 (five) hrs (Elapsed)

Club points: 2 (two)

Route Three – 100 miles

Distance: 160km - 100 mi

Elevation: 705 mtrs-2312ft

Time limit: 7 (seven) hrs (Elapsed)

Club points: 4 (four)

If you ride an e-bike you are welcome to enter the event.

Points for e bikes - 2 points for the 100 miles, 1 point for the 100km and 0.5 points for the 50k