Sunday 31st October 2021 Staring at 8:00am

KCA Reliability Trial

The traditional end of season inter-club friendly competition for the ROOTES Trophy

Latest Info:

e-bikes are welcomed on the ride so don't be put off if you ride an ebike.

Detail of routes still being finalised, the routes will be ridden a week before the event and final RWGPS data will then be available for download.

How the Event Works

The event is an inter-club friendly competition.

Each club aims to gain as many points as possible. Points are gained by each rider in the club who completes the route within the allocated time. The number of points is based on the length of the route ridden as follows:

    • 100 mile within 7 hours = 4 points

    • 100km within 5 hours = 2 points

    • 50km within 3 hours = 1 point

Usually riders work together in their club groups to support each other in achieving the distance in the allocated time. In this respect the ride is analogous to a club run. Clubs are expected to apply all the usual club run protocols safety considerations and insurance arrangements that they would on any club run.

Event Organisers:

Julian Fussell (SDW)

Duncan Edwards (SFACC)